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The Best Weed Grinder

We've secured the best compact vaporizers for the vast majority for a couple of years, taking contribution from great distances abroad to choose what to test. We've now done likewise for processors; we saw top rated processors and client surveys on Amazon, perused fans' input on discussions, and even sat through video audits on YouTube. We additionally got contribution from two master analysts in the field, Bud at The Vape Critic and Buzz at Both are productive commentators who have in the past given us input on the many vaporizers they've attempted. They given significant bits of knowledge into how to take full advantage of any processor.

This' identity for

In spite of the ascent in concentrates, waxes, edibles, and a large group of arranged cannabis items, the vast majority still purchase and utilize ordinary cannabis blooms—great out-dated pot. Also, the vast majority smoking, vaporizing, or cooking with cannabis can profit by a processor. With a processor you can rapidly and effectively turn thick, sticky buds into material that will warm equally and proficiently. On the off chance that you share just every so often, a cheap model will do what's necessary to make your uncommon liberality all the better. Yet, in the event that you consistently go after a vaporizer, the interest in a top of the line weed processor won't appear to be a stretch and will satisfy as more blast for your bud. In spite of the fact that shabby processors now and again break, an amazing processor is a venture that should keep going for a considerable length of time.

A great many people who coolly go after a vaporizer every once in a while presumably don't have much use for isolating the kief—the profoundly strong, precious stone like residue on leaves of cannabis plants—from whatever is left of the material, so we didn't center around kief-getting highlights like screens.

Make sure to find out about the wellbeing and lawful ramifications of cannabis use in our manual for convenient vaporizers. Much the same as vaporizers, processors are lawful up until the point that you utilize them with an unlawful substance. At that point, they progressed toward becoming stuff and are liable to the comparing laws in your ward.

How we picked and tried

A collection of metal and plastic processors on a table.

The vast majority of the processors we tried are made of aluminum, some are part (or all) plastic. Photograph: Kyle Fitzgerald

We considered the best brands suggested by master and beginner analysts alike. We concentrated on medium processors in the 2-inch-measurement run—sufficiently extensive to pound herbs for various sessions, however not all that enormous they take up excessively space—and searched for three-and four-piece models that let ground material fall through into a gathering load. Giving gravity a chance to do the gathering work is less demanding and less tedious than picking weed from between sharp teeth (as you would need to do when utilizing a two-piece processor).

On Amazon, top rated and top of the line processors that fit our underlying criteria begin at just $10, yet observing the contrast between economical processors and models that cost up to $100 when shopping on the web can be troublesome. Bypassing claims about more keen teeth or better materials while gazing at pictures is simple, yet the distinction hops out at you when you bend a quality processor in your grasp. It strings together effortlessly, in addition to skims and crushes all the more easily. We tried 12 models that went in cost from $6 to $85 to decide the best an incentive for the vast majority dependent on four fundamental criteria:

No coupling when granulating: Some cutting edge cannabis strains can deliver blossoms with staggeringly thick buds that are difficult to pound. The best processors have teeth that will cut through these buds as opposed to authoritative while you attempt to drive them through. The shape, sharpness, and number of teeth all add to this, however you can't undoubtedly observe what works best dependent on individual client audits. Amid testing, we given careful consideration to which configuration subtle elements brought about simple, exhaustive toils.

Within a metal processor with some weed leaf stuck in it.

More material adhered to plastic surfaces than to metal, making it harder to get out. Photograph: Mark Smirniotis

Simple to exhaust: A great three-or four-piece processor should let a large portion of your material fall through the openings between the teeth and into the accumulation chamber. It's unpleasant to lounge around selecting verdant lumps from between sharp metal teeth. Indeed, a thump or two will typically oust stuck buds, yet sticky cannabis strains can adamantly stick to little fissure. We searched for models that didn't hold herbs prisoner.

Ten heaps of contrastingly ground chamomile leaf on a cutting board, marked with various processor names.

Before testing processors utilizing cannabis, we played out a preliminary run utilizing one tablespoon of dried chamomile blooms in every one of the 10 models. The Kannastör results are from a unique Gr8tr, however the refreshed V2 we suggest yielded the equivalent results. Photo: Mark Smirniotis

Equality of toils: Well-ground weed will frequently warm more equitably (and along these lines all the more effectively) than uneven pieces torn by hand. Buzz at wants to get a better crush for conduction vaporizers, similar to models from the well known Pax line, or something a little coarser that lets air through for convection vaporizers like the Firefly. A somewhat coarser granulate is more adaptable, however. To get a better granulate, you should simply give your blooms a couple of additional turns with the processor topsy turvy. That will shield it from falling through the gaps into the accumulation plate and makes for better material when you flip the processor back finished. Since inclinations and utilizations shift, we concentrated on smooth and even granulates more than granularity in our testing.

Solidness and support: A hunk of aluminum isn't anything but difficult to harm, yet mishaps occur. Acrylic tops can split and cross-threading two pieces when screwing them together can harm the strings. The weight fit and stuck in magnets that hang on the best crushing plate could fly out. Teeth can dull and start to tie.

Ten processors with contrastingly molded teeth exposing on a table.

The shape and number of teeth and gaps differ from model to model. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Model Total number of teeth Tooth shape

Beamer Acrylic Grinder 54 Pyramidal

Chromium Crusher 2.5-inch 4-piece 28 Near precious stone

Brilliant Bell 2-Inch 4-Piece 54 Diamond

Zip Grinders Large Four-Piece 47 Near precious stone

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder 50 Near precious stone

SharpStone V2 Grinder 2-Inch 4-Piece 28 Near precious stone

Cali Crusher Homegrown 4-Piece Hard Top 12 Bladelike

Kannastör Gr8tr V2 42 Near precious stone

Santa Clause Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece 27 Four-point tooth

Space Case Medium 4-Piece 54 Diamond

More teeth doesn't constantly mean a smoother or quicker granulate. The shape and sharpness of the teeth decide the smoothness of the pound, and the size and state of the go through openings contribute the how fine the last outcome turns out.

In here and now testing, we can't recreate the sort of utilization and misuse a processor is probably going to see over long periods of proprietorship. Be that as it may, face to face and one next to the other, the fluctuating development quality is self-evident. A few models felt shabby, made squeaks and moans when we unscrewed them, and had substantial, unmistakable creases. The best models, however, felt accuracy machined, with creases that vanished from sight and would unobtrusively skim over their strings. You can decently accept that processors made with consideration and accuracy should likewise last any longer. All things considered, we will screen the execution of our picks over the long haul.

In case you will spend more than the base to get a well-made processor, having an organization that will remain behind it is likewise decent. We noticed the guarantee and bolster choices from each organization, as well.

Our pick: Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece

The three piece Santa Clause cruz shredder sitting beside bundling and pruned plants.

Photograph: Kyle Fitzgerald

Our pick

Santa Clause Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece

Santa Clause Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece

Sharp teeth, sufficient gathering chamber

This straightforward three-piece display offers dependably smooth granulating on account of sturdy, sharp, remarkably formed teeth. Its accumulation load is the biggest of any model we tried, and has adjusted sides that make it simple to purge.

$50 from VapeWorld

The Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece utilizes in excess of two dozen interestingly formed teeth to help it easily sliced through thick blooms, dropping ground material with an even consistency into an enormous accumulation load.

Santa Clause Cruz Shredder processors have a tooth shape that varies from that of each other processor we attempted: In our testing we discovered that its four-pointed teeth fill in and in addition or superior to anything the jewel formed teeth in many processors. The teeth effectively destroyed each example we attempted, and the best pounding plate pivots so effortlessly it nearly feels like it's gliding. The granulating plate and teeth are made of a similar bit of aluminum, and the metal's anodized complete should hold up well to wear and tear. More affordable models, similar to our spending pick, regularly have an incomplete crushing plate that won't be as tough in the long haul. The openings in the Santa Cruz Shredder's pounding plate are a normal size, and they yield a medium-coarse granulate that works similarly well with vaporizers, formulas, or channels.

Each time we dismantled the processor and screwed it back together, the strings mated easily and never bound up like those of a portion of the opposition.

The two accumulation chambers from the Santa Clause cruz shredder and kannastor gr8tr, demonstrating their sizes.

The Santa Cruz Shredder's accumulation chamber (right) is more profound than that of the (ceased) Kannastör Gr8tr (left).

Since the three-piece display we attempted doesn't have a dust screen, everything falls into the enormous gathering chamber. As one Grasscity analyst put it, the load is big to the point that "it can hold a poo ton of weed." At about an inch down, the dish is a few times further than the gathering loads on different models we took a gander at, and the corners and sides are pleasantly adjusted, letting you effectively squeeze out what you require. Indeed, even the bigger four-piece Santa Cruz Shredder models don't have this accumulation chamber, so the additional limit of our three-piece choose in a group.

Bud at The Vape Critic likewise suggests a Santa Cruz Shredder processor: "Huge amounts of individuals have it and adore it, and I get for all intents and purposes zero protestations," he composed. Buzz at had high acclaim for this processor, as well. "I utilize my Santa Cruz Shredder more than whatever remains of my processors set up together, and on the off chance that I could just have one processor I would run with a Santa Cruz Shredder," he wrote in an email.

Not exclusively are Santa Cruz Shredders exceptionally respected by lovers for their quality, however on the off chance that the teeth ever break, the organization remains behind them with a lifetime guarantee.

We concentrated on the three-piece display without the dust screen, however on the off chance that you need to isolate your kief, the four-piece demonstrate incorporates a screen and catcher.

Overhaul pick: Kannastör Gr8tr V2

The Kannastör Gr8tr V2 weed processor dismantled.

Photograph: Rozette Rago

Overhaul pick

Kannastör Gr8tr V2

Kannastör Gr8tr V2

For the best, most steady outcomes

This model delivered the fluffiest and best outcomes in our tests—an or more for some vaporizers. Its reward stockpiling compartment and a discretionary plate for coarser toils are interesting additional items worth the additional expense, yet a bit much for everybody.

$75 from Kannastör

In the event that you would acknowledge additional, committed capacity in your processor or the choice to change the coarseness of your granulate, the Kannastör Gr8tr V2 merits the higher cost to set up your pot. The Gr8tr V2 is a refresh to our past best pick, the Gr8tr. The more up to date display is almost indistinguishable within, and granulates similarly and in addition the first. It additionally conveys forward the uncommon feel of value materials and development we preferred in the primary rendition, including a facelift for the outside structure. The Gr8tr's fine, cushioned outcomes separate it from some other processor we attempted at any cost.

The two included pounding plates are a champion element of the Gr8tr V2. The fine-crush plate has about 80 gaps, which are littler than our best pick's 15 gaps. Buzz from revealed to us that when he needs to boost the vapor yield on a conduction vaporizer, he loves the better crush offered by the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. Despite the fact that we didn't consider the Magic Flight processor since it's offered in just a two-piece structure, the openings on the Gr8tr V2 are correspondingly measured. The plate in the refreshed Gr8tr V2 is almost indistinguishable to that of our previous best pick, the ended Gr8tr, so you can expect comparative outcomes. As one Reddit analyst composed on r/vaporents: "This crush measure for me finished being an ideal all-rounder. I didn't feel like my convection vaporizers would have been harmed because of too fine of a crush and my conduction vaporizers still delivered huge mists. To me it is the best of the two universes."

In the event that you don't need such a fine granulate, or aversion when vast bits and stems stall out in the littler openings, you can rapidly unscrew the crushing plate and supplant it with the included coarser-pound plate. (The extra plate can be screwed into the highest point of the processor for capacity, or kept in a protected spot in the event that you want to keep the processor somewhat svelter.) That additional plate has gaps nearer in size to those of most different processors, and would be best for convection-based vaporizers that profit by the additional wind stream of all the more coarsely ground cannabis.

What's more, the Gr8tr V2 includes another remarkable component: a second stockpiling compartment in the cover. In each other processor we attempted, the main place to keep anything is in the accumulation chamber at the base. Be that as it may, the free-turning attractive best bit of the Gr8tr V2 unscrews to uncover an additional capacity zone, which is ideal for entire blooms. Furthermore, in the event that you need something more minimal in a hurry, the best and base pieces mate together into a thin capacity puck.

The Kannastör Gr8tr V2 processor dismantled.

The Kannastör Gr8tr V2 executes and also our past best pick, the ceased Kannastör Gr8tr, and offers an other granulating plate (imagined at base) for coarser results. Photo: Rozette Rago

When you open the Gr8tr V2, you can tell that Kannastör put a great deal of consideration into detail and quality. Be that as it may, in the event that anything goes wrong, the organization offers a lifetime guarantee with email bolster.

In case you're an aficionado who utilizes an assortment of vaporizers and smoking embellishments, you should think about spending more to get the Kannastör Gr8tr V2 Solid Body w/Stainless Easy Change Screen variant. It accompanies an additional piece with a work dust screen for kief gathering.

A spending alternative: Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

The platinum processor sitting beside bundling and pruned plants.

Photograph: Kyle Fitzgerald

Spending pick

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

The best in its value go

Despite the fact that it doesn't feel also made and isn't as smooth to use as our different picks, the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder shows signs of improvement than all other modest processors we tried.

$17 from Amazon

In the event that you can't or don't have any desire to spend the cash on our best picks, get the HPlatinum Grinders Herb Grinder. For not exactly a large portion of the expense of our pick, this spending alternative takes care of business. It played out the best of all under-$40 models we tried.

The Platinum Grinder didn't slice through material as easily as our best picks did, however it didn't continually get bound up like other economical models we tried. One Amazon analyst noticed that it "works easily, crushes well, does not tie." The threading to unscrew the different pieces is similarly acceptable—not tantamount to our best picks, but rather less inclined to cross-threading than other spending processors.

In our tests, the Herb Grinder discharged effortlessly enough. The greater part of our material fell through to the gathering chamber, so we weren't stuck selecting from sharp metal teeth. The strings connecting the best to the chamber are smooth and didn't cross-string when we over and over unscrewed it and screwed it back together. The chamber itself is about a quarter-inch down, which isn't as liberal as our best picks, yet sufficiently sizable and about normal for a processor of this breadth.

The three picks for best weed processor dismantled on a table to show the three and four piece models.

Through and through: the (stopped) Kannastör Gr8tr, Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 3-Piece, and Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder, all dismantled. In contrast to our pick, the Herb Grinder accompanies a dust screen. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

The vast majority of the negative remarks from clients on Amazon have to do with strength issues. "The kief chamber broke inside the initial two days" and "pounds extremely well however the screen dropped out" are delegate remarks. Be that as it may, most spending processors have comparative issues, or more regrettable ones. A couple of clients noted seeing metal bits in their processors when initially getting them, likely remainders of the assembling procedure. We'd suggest a brisk cleaning with rubbing liquor to evade any issues.

The opposition

Our past best pick, the Kannastör Gr8tr, was ended and supplanted with the Kannastör Gr8tr V2, which is presently our overhaul pick.

Lift Innovations offers a three-piece processor at a comparative cost as our update pick, yet without the additional capacity or particular granulating plates that set the Gr8tr V2 separated. Since Lift's four-piece processor—which has highlights and additional items like those of the Gr8tr V2—was extensively more costly than our redesign pick, we decided not to test it.

The Beamer Acrylic Grinder, Zip Grinders Large 4-Piece, and SharpStone V2 Grinder 2-Inch 4-Piece all have plastic highlights, and in testing them we promptly seen that these will in general pull in more verdant bits than their everything metal partners. Given the other quality choices, this was sufficient to discount them. The SharpStone, specifically, is a prevalent model, yet it turned out to be effortlessly cross-strung when assembled back, and we found the crush smoothness and material consistency to be simply alright.
Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

In our testing, the Chromium Crusher 2.5-Inch 4-Piece's teeth took somewhat longer to complete the process of granulating than those of different models in the value extend. The sharp corners in the gathering plate, combined with the finished inside of the base piece, made it harder to exhaust totally without flipping it over and tapping out a wreck.

The Golden Bell 2-Inch 4-Piece processor had a tear in the included dust screen ideal out of the container, which is dependably an alarming sign while experimenting with new rigging. In any case, we tried it in any case, finding that material would frequently stall out in the little space between the external teeth and the edge of the crushing plate.

The Cali Crusher Homegrown 4-Piece Hard Top has a couple of one of a kind highlights that we increased in value. Rather than full threading—expecting you to unscrew the lower bits of the processor—Cali Crusher utilizes a quarter-turn bend bolt framework that was quicker than customary threading however similarly as secure. Instead of jewel formed teeth, the outspread sharp edges inside completed a pleasant activity equally separating our bud without stalling out. In any case, the Cali Crusher show is almost double the cost of our best picks.

We likewise tried the Space Case Medium 4-Piece. In spite of its strong execution (and the high acclaim aficionados give the organization's items), we didn't discover any champion highlights to legitimize the expanded cost for the more easygoing client. Be that as it may, Buzz of

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