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The Vivo Nex S review

The contention that cell phones all look the equivalent has turned out to be somewhat less persuading in 2018, with the arrival of outwardly extraordinary, energizing telephones from a few makers. Strikingly, the bleeding edge structures for the most part begin in China, with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the Oppo Find X, and the Vivo Nex S — the subject of our survey — all stopping people in their tracks this year.
vivo nex s fingerprint sensor

Abnormally, we saw the Nex S as an idea gadget called the Apex not long ago, yet we didn't anticipate that the telephone will go at a bargain so soon in the very same shape. Not exclusively did the Apex turn into a telephone that we would all be able to purchase (sort of), yet it experienced some key changes that enhanced the idea. We've been utilizing the telephone for some time, and it feels particularly like the fate of cell phones.

Before we begin, it's essential to take note of the Vivo Nex S is just accessible in China, and in the long run in select different areas. It doesn't have an authority U.S. or on the other hand U.K. discharge date, and keeping in mind that it's conceivable to import the telephone, our survey gadget did not accompany Google administrations introduced, similar to the Google Play Store.


Simply take a gander at it. The Vivo Nex S is extremely a standout amongst the most alluring telephones we've found in a very long time. It's without things we're accustomed to seeing on cell phones today — the unmistakable unique finger impression sensor and the presentation score principally. The Vivo Nex S has not one or the other, however not to the detriment of the highlights they empower.

vivo nex s survey

vivo nex s forward looking cam edge

vivo nex s survey

vivo nex s survey

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The 6.59-inch screen covers nearly the whole front of the telephone, yet its impression is scarcely bigger than the Google Pixel 2 XL, giving the Nex S a 91.2 percent screen-to-body proportion. There is as yet a slight jaw. The back of the telephone is smooth, continuous by a unique mark sensor, and there isn't one on the front either. Rather it's an in-show sensor, something Vivo has spearheaded in the business. The Vivo Nex S features how awesome straightforward plan can look, when unrestricted by sensors, patterns, and over the top marking. Regardless it discovers space for a 3.5mm earphone jack as well.

The Vivo Nex S is extremely a standout amongst the most appealing telephones we've found in a long time.

The screen is the thing that we'd call screen-molded, without an indent (like on the iPhone X) scourging the straight straightforwardness of the best edge. The sensors are covered up, and the speaker is under the presentation, while the selfie camera is inside a mechanized module that skims out the highest point of the telephone. It's the Nex's gathering trap, and it basically doesn't get old. Everybody, without fall flat, that we demonstrated it to cherished it. It's fun, unique, space-age, and a perfect answer for an issue that right now powers the utilization of an indent.

The 6.59-inch Super AMOLED screen has a surprising 2,316 x 1,080 pixel goals, with a 19.3:9 perspective proportion. The bezels are little, with 1.71mm at each side, 2.16mm at the best, and 5.08mm on the button. Since it's AMOLED you get profound blacks, extraordinary difference, and nice perceivability in daylight. It's not splendid however, and we would in general keep the splendor at most extreme without the auto help turned on.


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Flip the telephone around and there are some incredible points of interest. The back board has a many-sided, laser-carved holographic plan under the surface that sparkles in every one of the shades of the rainbow when it gets the light. We're happy it's there, on the grounds that the telephone is so moderate, it risks being nondescript — when the camera is covered up away — without this appreciated pizazz. Indeed, even the recieving wires are concealed generally from view.

vivo nex s fly out camera

Drawbacks? A finished catch on the left of the telephone initiates the locally available Vivo AI, which is all in Chinese, and we didn't figure out how to remap it. This is additionally a major telephone, with an immense screen on the front. This introduces an issue for those without comparably huge hands. In addition, the relatively entire absence of bezels implies the console can regularly feel low, and we frequently missed keys in the lower left or right on the grounds that the telephone is so vast and genuinely hard to hold.

It's likewise hard to tell which route is up, so when lifting the Nex S up it's regularly the incorrect path round. It's very overwhelming at 199 grams, and the case that accompanies it is made of a material that grasps texture, making it difficult to escape your pocket. We're worried over delicacy — this is a major, overwhelming, glass telephone. The sticky case is a need.

Regardless of a portion of the structure drawbacks, the more we take a gander at the Vivo Nex S, the more we cherish it.


Vivo has a solid history in camera innovation, yet it's apparently best known for its selfie cams. Be that as it may, while the spring up camera focal point on the front is about as dubious as camera highlights get, the back camera's noteworthy execution has dominated it. How great? There have been times where we have grabbed the Nex rather than the Huawei P20 Pro. The Huawei telephone still has our most loved camera of 2018, however in the correct circumstance the Nex is similarly great.

vivo nex s survey camera test scene building

vivo nex s audit camera test scene bloom

On the tech side, the Nex has double camera focal points on the back — one 12-megapixel, f/1.8 focal point and the other a 5-megapixel f/2.4 focal point. It accompanies optical and electronic picture adjustment, a two-tone blaze, and HDR. There are a lot of modes to keep you snapping new pictures as well, including a representation mode, AR stickers, an all encompassing selfie mode, and a bokeh impact on the front and back cameras. The camera additionally utilizes Vivo's man-made consciousness (AI) framework, called Jovi (truly), for scene acknowledgment and different changes.

The Nex S takes great, vivid, and outwardly energizing photographs.

Take it out in the day, particularly if it's radiant, and the Nex S takes superb, bright, and outwardly energizing photographs. It's a delight to point it at a scene and realize you will get an image you'll adore in the wake of tapping the shade discharge. It exceeds expectations at scenes, blue sky, and anything splendidly shaded. Low light is great as well, despite the fact that it tends to turn dull skies extremely blue. Fortunately, there's a considerable measure of detail in the shots to compensate for it.

At the point when the AI mode enacts, it makes a distinction to the last picture, in spite of the fact that supposition on whether it enhances the shot will be separated. It regularly included a generally forceful HDR channel style look to shots. Now and then we preferred it, different occasions not really. Delve into the settings and you can kill the AI.

vivo nex s audit camera test picture red building

vivo nex s audit camera test picture night building

vivo nex s audit camera test representation columsn

vivo nex s audit camera test representation night stop

vivo nex s audit camera test representation flame broil

Shouldn't something be said about the selfie camera and the spring up module? To begin with, don't stress over the speed. It's dependably up and prepared to go when you require it. Second, don't stress over the module's quality. It's so strong, Vivo made a special video with the all-inclusive camera on different Vivo Nex telephones holding a sheet of glass up, on which a ballet dancer stood and moved. It doesn't wobble about, and when you push it down it takes a level of power to inspire it to naturally withdraw.

There's bounty for selfie fans to appreciate. The magnificence mode has six degrees of forcefulness, yet we'd pick the AI mode to tone down the impact, else it overexposes and turns skin extremely white. The AR stickers are charming augmentations like you'd hope to discover in Instagram or Snapchat, and the all encompassing mode enables take to aggregate shots. We very loved the photos it took, yet with the magnificence mode on, they're a long way from reasonable. The camera shade can be moderate as well.


We should discuss the Nex's in-show unique mark sensor. It's in the focal, bring down third of the screen and it falls effectively to thumb when you get the telephone. We enlisted different fingers on various events, and found the thumb is generally advantageous. It requires a light touch to work. Press too hard, similar to you may on another sensor, and it won't work. Press too gently, and it may not "see" your finger. When you get the vibe it's truly dependable, yet unquestionably slower than other customary sensors.

When you get the vibe it's entirely dependable, however unquestionably slower than other conventional unique finger impression sensors.

Initiating the twofold tap to wake alternative assisted with ease of use, as there's nothing to "feel" in obscurity, and the realistic to demonstrate to you where the unique mark sensor is found doesn't generally show up when you need it to. It's significantly superior to anything the experience we had on the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS, and accordingly remains as the best in-show unique mark sensor we've utilized yet. The Nex S does not have confront acknowledgment, leaving the in-show unique mark sensor as your unrivaled safety effort.

The Nex S has its speaker for calls under the screen, similar to we've seen before on the Xiaomi Mi Mix. It works similarly, sending vibrations through the showcase and into your ear when you hold the telephone up to your head. We never heard any genuine distinction in quality between the Nex S's speaker and the more customary one utilized on different telephones.

vivo nex s unique mark sensor

The Vivo Nex S is an elite machine with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB of RAM, which is about as well as can be expected get right now. Perusing the web, utilizing applications, sending messages, messages, and tweets are for the most part easy. The Vivo Nex S is a genuine powerhouse, and even with the not exactly perfect programming, it didn't back off.

Here are a couple of benchmark tests. We did exclude AnTuTu, on the grounds that the application wouldn't introduce.

Geekbench 4 CPU: Single-center: 2,402; multi-center: 9,137

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 3,678 (Vulkan)

These are great, and outperform telephones like the Galaxy S9 Plus and the Pixel 2 XL. The Vivo Nex S can take anything you toss at it.


We adore the Nex's cutting edge plan, and the camera makes it an alluring sidekick. Tragically, things take a downturn when we talk about the product, some of which is Vivo's blame, and others less so. The Nex S is sold in China and our audit gadget was provided by Vivo. It accompanies Vivo's very own Funtouch UI over the highest point of Android 8.0, however it didn't have any Google administrations introduced. This makes evaluating it universally somewhat difficult, the same number of us depend on Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and access to the Google Play Store to complete things.

Indeed, even after we introduced Google's applications, despite everything we needed to manage Vivo's Funtouch. Or on the other hand really, not really Funtouch.

Therefore, we sideloaded Google's applications and all the essential administrations expected to make them work. We figured out how to do it, yet the procedure was as yet a torment to discover and stack the right applications and records. It is anything but an errand we'd prescribe those not in fact slanted to embrace. Moreover, even with everything introduced, not all things work. The Nex S would not naturally transfer photographs to Google Photos, for instance, an errand which must be done physically. Some applications declined to introduce, returning blunder codes we've never observed.

Indeed, even after we introduced Google's applications, despite everything we needed to manage Vivo's Funtouch. Or on the other hand really, not really Funtouch. The Nex doesn't have any catches, and Vivo doesn't need such a large number of virtual ones wrecking its spotless interface either, so it has embraced an iPhone X-style swipe route framework. It's separated into three segments. Swipe midway for home, on the privilege for back, and on the left to demonstrate a control community for brilliance, Bluetooth, volume, and snappy application get to. Swiping down from the best still shows warnings.

vivo nex s audit screen home

vivo nex s audit screen home screens

vivo nex s audit screen schedule

vivo nex s audit screen shrewd dial

vivo nex s audit screen settings

It's not as cleaned as the iPhone X, and anybody originating from a standard Android telephone should invest energy taking in its subtleties. Since the telephone is made for China, we'd likewise regularly get cautions and warnings from applications and administrations in Chinese, making the telephone feel less amicable and like our own. Jovi, the Nex S's AI aide, is all in Chinese so we couldn't utilize it. In the event that you want to burrow around and modify your telephone, there is an abundance of highlights inside Funtouch, from a speedy access alternate way that stays for all time on screen, to a split screen mode, signal controls, and a twofold tap to wake.

Amazingly, the telephone got normal updates over the couple of weeks we've been utilizing it, including a couple of highlights and settling bugs somewhere else. Adapting to new programming is a piece of the arrangement when you import a telephone from China. Funtouch is quick and smooth more often than not, yet it's altogether different to the client encounter on a Samsung, LG, or some other Android telephone we can purchase from a transporter. It's likewise altogether different to stock Android on a Google Pixel or Android One telephone.


A 4,000mAh battery gives the Vivo Nex S solid reserve times for a lead, premium telephone. We've had two days of normal and normal utilize, yet making a decision about long haul utilize is harder in light of the fact that control utilization has been flighty. We put this down to the product, which incorporates numerous applications with which we are new, and might suck control without us knowing. In only a couple of hours one evening, we lost 30 percent battery with only a short gaming session and essential activity.


The Vivo Nex has been declared for China, and it will likewise be discharged in India, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. It has not been authoritatively reported for the U.S. or on the other hand the U.K., yet Vivo could in the end choose to do as such. The cost in China is 3,900 yuan, which changes over to around $600. It's conceivable to import a Vivo Nex, with GearBest moving the telephone for $710 at the season of composing. Different merchants will give a comparable administration and cost. This additionally implies the guarantee bolster will fluctuate, as it will rely upon the organization you choose to import the gadget from.

vivo nex s audit

vivo nex s audit

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Vivo Nex S worked without an issue on a U.K. 4G LTE arrange, and has a wide exhibit of groups for overall system similarity. In any case, it's not ensured to dependably interface with the quickest GSM motion in the U.S., so do remember this on the off chance that you choose to import one.


A staggering specialized wonder that disappoints on a product level, and bothers since we can't without much of a stretch get one.

Are there any options?

Truly, despite the fact that you'll need to make a few concessions. On the off chance that you need a telephone that has a spring up selfie camera, you're in a tight spot beside the Oppo Find X, which is another import telephone. In the event that you need an in-show unique mark sensor, the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS is about your solitary other decision. Both together, it's the Vivo Nex S or the Oppo Find X.

On the off chance that you need a superior telephone with an extraordinary structure, and a solid camera, at that point the field opens up much more. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus likely comes nearest to the look and capacity of the Vivo Nex S, alongside the Google Pixel 2 XL. You likewise get a similar chip and measure of RAM in the OnePlus 6, and a similarly smooth plan. The incredible thing about picking any of our best cell phone proposals is they accompanied a considerably more natural rendition of Android, and it's the Pixel 2 territory we'd suggest for the best form.

To what extent will it last?

The Vivo Nex S isn't water safe, is made of glass, and is very overwhelming. It's a calamity sitting tight to occur for the ungainly. It is unfathomably well made and extremely strong, so we have no worries over the gadget itself not enduring the course of ordinary proprietorship. Vivo has additionally been great at conveying programming refreshes, however we don't anticipate that that will incorporate an update from Android 8.1 to Android P in a convenient way. It's simply not so imperative in China, where the telephone is probably going to move in substantial numbers.

Would it be a good idea for you to get one?

No. Except if you live in China, the product experience will baffle contrasted with all the more promptly accessible Android cell phones. This is a mistake, on the grounds that whatever remains of the telephone is incredible, and even the cost is focused considering the front line innovation inside. In any case, in case you're happy with introducing Google Play Services on import telephones, and wouldn't fret messing around with a telephone as such, you'll be the jealousy of numerous with the Vivo Nex S in your grasp.

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