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The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Specs

The Huawei Mate arrangement has advanced tremendously in the course of the most recent couple of years, maybe more so than some other cell phone demonstrate out there. Glance back at the Huawei Mate 9: While competent and noteworthy through the afternoon, it was a standout amongst the least outwardly energizing telephones at any point made. Contrasted with the new Mate 20 Pro, it's scarcely unmistakable as a similar gadget family. Additionally, the visual change from dull to astonishing has occurred dangerously fast.
Hauwei Mate 20 Pro

Has the innovation developed to coordinate? Shouldn't something be said about the experience of utilizing the Mate 20 — does it feel like 2018 or 2015? Not one or the other. We'd state it's 2019 and past. Such is the specialized ability of this bewildering telephone. Regardless of this current, there's as yet one thing we need to see from it, and it has nothing to do with the specs of highlights. We should speak further about the telephone first.


Give the Huawei Mate 20 Pro some space, Samsung, on the grounds that the Galaxy S9 Plus is never again the most attractive cell phone in the room. There were worries about the abnormal square camera focal point cluster on the back in front of discharge, however it's extensively preferred acknowledged over anticipated. Huawei's fashioners have been tuning in to Porsche Design, and found symmetry is ideal. Top focus is the place it has a place. It makes the telephone resemble a telephone, not a camera.

Whatever remains of the back board is liberated by unique mark sensors, streak units, or whatever else superfluous. There's a Huawei and Leica logo, the camera and its sensors are encased in one box, and that is it. We're trying the Mate 20 Pro in its new Hyper Optical completion, which looks and feels similar to the outside of a vinyl record. It's not normal for some other telephone, and the manner in which it reflects light — particularly in emerald green — is really lovely. It's not exactly as eye-getting as the new dusk complete, an advancement of the P20 Pro's sundown, yet it's positively extraordinary.

It shares a few likenesses with the Galaxy S9 Plus, and thusly, the Porsche Design Mate RS. The sides decrease down into unpretentious bends, and it's superbly agreeable in the hand. Be that as it may, it is very tricky. The Hyper Optical back board opposes fingerprints, however does not give much additional hold, and those slight sides may see the telephone slip from your hand. Our audit telephone accompanied a helpful straightforward TPU case in the container, which we've utilized always.

There's a flimsy volume rocker, a marginally outwardly strange red power catch, just as a USB Type-C charging jack around the edges, however there's no earphone jack.


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The screen estimates 6.4-inches and is a fantastically brilliant AMOLED board with an enormous 3,120 x 1,440 pixel goals, and it bolsters HDR as well. Observing any great video on the Mate 20 Pro is a practically otherworldly affair. You just need to play a 1,440p HDR test video from YouTube to perceive how bewildering it looks. You should disturb some showcase settings to see the advantages, however, as a matter of course the Mate 20 Pro has Smart Display dynamic, which brings down the goals to spare battery control. With it on, 1,440p isn't an alternative on YouTube, for instance. Select the most noteworthy goals mode for the best video experience.

The indent at the highest point of the screen is useful, as it contains a 3D, profundity detecting camera for secure face open. The screen on either side is little, and not particularly enlightening, as you regularly just observe one notice symbol beside perpetual Bluetooth, NFC, system, battery, and time symbols. The indent can be covered up under the settings in the event that you truly loathe it.

The breathtaking superior quality screen is actually the presentation a lovely telephone like the Mate 20 Pro merits. Outwardly, on each dimension, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is unmatched today.


A noteworthy new element on the Mate 20 Pro is likewise a world-first, as indicated by Huawei. It's the first really marketed in-show unique finger impression sensor, in that it's accessible on a universal scale and delivered in expansive numbers. That is fine, however what's extremely vital is in the event that it works. Since on the Porsche Design Mate RS, it didn't, or if nothing else, it didn't do as such reliably. The uplifting news is it's inconceivably enhanced the Mate 20 Pro.

Hauwei Mate 20 Pro

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Set up is as simple as some other unique finger impression sensor. It's found an inch-and-a-half over the base of the screen, and works without the requirement for antagonistic measures of weight, or explicit finger arrangement outside of it waiting be on the sensor. It's not exactly as quick as we'd need from conventional unique mark sensors, a reality clouded by the movement that appears while it's perusing your print. It's additionally still not as solid as we need. It can in any case take two strives for it to actuate, and that is irritating. It's superior to the Mate RS, however not flawless. We've seen similar issues with the in-show unique mark sensor on the OnePlus 6T, proposing the innovation itself still has some improvement to be finished.

Interesting that we frequently had no compelling reason to utilize the unique mark sensor, on the grounds that the face open framework is a lot quicker, and has normally opened the telephone before our finger met the screen. As a matter of course, the Mate 20 Pro needs you to swipe up on the screen before opening, however this can be changed to guide open under the security settings to simply demonstrate the home screen. Do this, and the Mate 20 Pro opens in a split second.


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The Mate 20 Pro has a protected 3D open framework for the face, which can be utilized with Google Pay, and it's extremely quick — quicker even than Apple Pay on the iPhone XS. There are a few concerns online that the face ID framework can be tricked by comparative looking individuals, yet so far this has not influenced us.


The Mate 20 Pro is one of the main telephones to utilize Huawei's own Kirin 980 processor with a double NPU, or Neural Processing Unit, that controls locally available man-made reasoning. It's this that empowers the smart video traps and super-quick scene acknowledgment, as the telephone doesn't have to speak with the cloud. The Mate 20 Pro conveys the most consistent, and valuable, man-made brainpower includes on any cell phone we've used to date, approach just to the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

What about benchmarks? While not delegate of true conduct, they're valuable for correlation. Here's the manner by which it scored on our three regular tests:

AnTuTu 3DBench: 273,746

Geekbench 4 CPU: 3,330 single-center; 9,791 multi-center

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 4,180 (Vulkan)

We have not encountered any execution issues with the Mate 20 Pro, and it has run all the applications we have needed it to without whine.

Our Mate 20 Pro has Android 9.0 Pie introduced with EMUI 9.0 over the best, and the October security fix introduced. Huawei overplayed streamlining its UI by thinning down menus, and evacuating unnecessary choices. In actuality these things don't generally appear on the other side, and that is a positive thing, since we keep an eye on possibly see issues when we're baffled.

For EMUI 9.0 Huawei has presented a signal control framework, much like we've seen on iOS. It's not the default, yet it bodes well to use with the more extended screen with little bezels. A swipe up comes back to home, a swipe and hold indicates running applications, and a swipe along the edge of the screen returns. The satisfying piece of this is to most likely swipe back on either side of the screen, making it incredible for one-gave use. It's slicker and more responsive than the signal control framework on the OnePlus 6T, yet not exactly up to the standard set by Apple and iOS.

Hauwei Mate 20 Pro

Mate 20 Pro Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Huawei has assembled its own computerized prosperity highlight into EMUI 9.0 called Digital Balance. Google's very own adaptation is as of now just accessible on Pixel telephones, making this an appreciated expansion. You can set application time limits, see screen time breakdowns, and alter the screen and application access at specific occasions of the day. Information is likewise accessible over a multi day time frame and for various applications as well. In case you're at all worried about chopping down your cell phone use, it will without a doubt help, if you focus on it.
What we do discover is to get the best from EMUI you have to invest energy setting it up, and fitting it to your inclinations. We've just referenced the screen goals settings, and the need to swipe up to open the telephone, yet there's additional. For instance, as a matter of course warnings don't initiate the lock screen, and applications are spread over the home screen as opposed to covered up in a cabinet. All these, and the sky is the limit from there, are alternatives. Set aside opportunity to make it work the manner in which you like truly satisfies.

Also, Huawei demands introducing SwiftKey as the default console, and it's horrendous. From solicitations to share information to the cumbersome way it indicates numbers, it's by a long shot the most noticeably awful piece of EMUI. For our rational soundness, we transformed it to Google's Gboard.

huawei mate 20 professional audit back camera blue-green focal points xxl

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends


Huawei has teamed up with Leica again on the Mate 20 Pro, and there are a few changes over past models. The monochrome focal point has been supplanted by a ultra-wide focal point, and the specs are marginally adjusted from the P20 Pro. You get a standard 40-megapixel focal point with a f/1.8 gap, a 20-megapixel ultra-wide focal point with a f/2.2 gap, lastly a 8-megapixel zooming focal point with a f/2.4 opening. Huawei's man-made consciousness highlights are on the whole here, just as counterfeit picture adjustment (AIS), Night mode, moderate movement video, and another Super Macro shot.

There are such a significant number of highlights it's practically difficult to realize where to start. So allows simply get to the core of the issue — the Mate 20 Pro's camera is fantastically great, empowers more innovativeness than some other camera we've utilized, and is so extensive you'll presumably still be giving highlights a shot a while into proprietorship. Not very many cell phones today can offer that, and Huawei's commitment to making splendid cameras, with the assistance of groups that genuinely comprehend photography, basically can't be downplayed.

The new ultra-wide camera is a triumph, and outside of LG and Asus telephones, not seen all the time. Huawei's A.I. will incite you, now and again, to change to it on the off chance that it sees the scene will profit by a more extensive perspective. Like Night mode — which likewise works truly well in light — Ultra-wide isn't only for scenes either, and can be utilized in an assortment of circumstances to create intriguing outcomes. It replaces the monochrome focal point, and Huawei has worked with Leica to include a channel rather, which is a not too bad option. Just in the event that you put a photograph taken with the P20 Pro's monochrome focal point close by the Mate 20 Pro's channel, will you see a distinction, and, after its all said and done it's insignificant.

Huawei's commitment to making splendid cameras, with the assistance of groups that genuinely comprehend photography, basically can't be downplayed.

Night mode, where the camera utilizes A.I.S. to permit sans tripod evening time shots, keeps on being incredible. It's mind-bowing that a telephone can take such exceptional low-light pictures, and keeping in mind that they may not be to everybody's taste — they can uncover excessively much detail, and lose climate — you won't discover anything like it somewhere else. In the event that anything, it's far superior in the day as well, adding an extremely special look to photographs.

It's not immaculate. The ultra-wide focal point's lower opening sees it battle in risky lighting conditions, and Super Macro doesn't generally work, and notwithstanding when it did the quality wasn't as high as we would have loved. In any case, by a long shot the most irritating is the distinction between what the viewfinder appears, and the photo you really take. Once in a while the screen will make you figure the photograph will turn out truly gravely, however take it at any rate, and the outcome is very surprising positively. A few pictures we took outperformed desires, and had we just made a decision by what we saw on the screen, we never would have taken them.

There are some UI issues as well. Looking through the zoom levels to get to the ultra-wide focal point is wordy and baffling in the event that you happen to tap it one too often, as you're back to the begin. It needs a committed setting, close by Night and Aperture. We likewise despise the manner in which the camera will rapidly go into backup while we're wrecking around setting a shot, compelling a screen tap to wake it up once more, and afterward setting the shot up once more.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Night Mode Night Mode Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Night Mode Night Mode Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Night Mode Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

While the stills camera has regularly been the center (sad) of Huawei's ongoing telephones, it has given careful consideration to the video abilities on the Mate 20 Pro. There are five new artistic style channels, empowered by the Kirin 980's double NPU A.I. chip, which show continuous impacts as you film. The two most intriguing are Background Blur and A.I. Shading. Foundation Blur adds a bokeh impact to your video, while A.I. Shading sets the foundation in highly contrasting, while at the same time keeping the subject in shading. Both these work just when the camera distinguishes a face on screen. The other three are general channels that add environment to your recordings.

The impacts are fun, and a genuine exhibit of Huawei's A.I., yet the confinement forced by the impacts possibly kicking in when they see a face, limits the imaginative potential a bit.


Controlling the telephone is a 4,200mAh battery, the limit of which is path past most different gadgets in its class. It truly indicates as well, we've had two days effectively out of the Mate 20 Pro, with typical use including diversions, person to person communication, email, and utilizing the camera. On one day, with simply some camera and informal communication use, it lost under 20-percent battery through the span of an ordinary working day.

The battery is extraordinarily flexible as well. There's both quick charging utilizing Huawei's restrictive Super Charge framework — around 70 minutes is such's expected to achieve 100-percent — remote charging out of the blue on a Mate gadget, and another component called invert charging. This is a fun one, as the Mate 20 Pro goes about as a remote charging mat for different gadgets. Sit your companion's iPhone XS to finish everything, and the battery charges. It's an extraordinary gathering trap, albeit how frequently we'd utilize it is sketchy.


This is the place things get truly disappointing, and where we uncover the one thing we need from the Mate 20 Pro. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be acquired right now in the U.K., China, and in numerous different nations around the globe, with the exception of North America. The circumstance which came upon the P20 Pro has not been settled, regardless of contenders like OnePlus making advances into the U.S., and the absolute best telephones Huawei brings to the table stay distant. Truly, you can import the telephone, however this can be expensive and hazardous should you have to make a guarantee.

In the U.K. the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is accessible through the fundamental systems — EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three — in addition to a wide assortment of retailers and experts. It costs 900 British pounds, which changes over to around $1,160. This puts it close by other best telephones from Samsung and Apple.


Huawei's not simply playing with the huge young men with the Mate 20 Pro, it's driving the way. This is a telephone that does all that others do, in addition to additional, and sometimes route superior to the challenge. Truly, there are choices, particularly for purchasers in the U.S., yet there are not very many others that have such an extensive rundown of usable, fun, and intriguing highlights inside such a dazzling plan.

What are the options?

The iPhone XS, or XS Max, are the conspicuous ones, close by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Similar to the Huawei P20 Pro, which is similarly competent, however has a marginally more established processor inside. The Galaxy S9 Plus is likewise great, yet is nearer to its substitution than the Note 9. The Google Pixel 3 is an incredible buy, with a sublime camera. Every one of these telephones cost around the equivalent, however separated from the P20 Pro, are for the most part accessible authoritatively in the States.

On the off chance that the cost is too high to even think about justifying, at that point the OnePlus 6T costs impressively less, and still gives incredible execution and a solid camera. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need a triple-focal point Leica camera and a dazzling screen we can't take our eyes off, at that point there truly isn't a lot to go up against the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

To what extent will it last?

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is as front line as telephones get, and with the brilliant camera, lovely screen, and all that could possibly be needed power — in addition to Huawei's Born Fast, Stay Fast innovation to guarantee Android doesn't back off after some time — this is a telephone that will probably still feel new and energizing in two years time.

Huawei has designed the Mate 20 Pro with an IP68 water opposition rating, yet the body is made of glass, and along these lines will profit by being inside a case. Our audit demonstrate accompanied a translucent TPU case which carries out the responsibility impeccably, however we've assembled a rundown of cases for your examination. Programming refreshes are the main question mark here. Huawei delivers its own updates to EMUI, yet Android refreshes —, for example, to Android 10 one year from now — may not be so convenient. This may prompt the gadget being powerless against security defects, or passing up some new highlights.

Would it be advisable for you to get one?

In the event that you can, yes. It's disquieting to include this admonition, in light of the fact that afresh U.S. purchasers are being denied the opportunity to claim a standout amongst the most competent, highlight pressed, and energizing telephones accessible today.

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