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Two Weeks in Oahu Itinerary

Ok, Hawaii—simply the name brings dreams of abandoned sea shores, falling cascades, palm trees, rainforested valleys and volcanoes overflowing magma. It's a fantasy goal, and there's no better spot to launch your fantasy island experience than Oahu.

It's stuffed with common goodness and a world away from the terrain, which implies it's an isolated cut of heaven. There's no lack of experiences in Oahu, which are what pull in the growing a large number of guests every year.

What's more, truly, there's such a great amount to pack into an Oahu agenda that your solitary issue will make sense of what not to do. In the event that you plan on going through about fourteen days in Hawaii, Oahu is a prime alternative.

Hawaii mountain sees

Hawaii sea shore flying

Since it's so well known, Oahu is the most costly island to hold tight, however there are heaps of choices with regards to eating, drinking and settlement, so you'll have the option to look around and locate the ideal places and cushions for your spending limit.

Also, open transportation is anything but difficult to utilize, however I suggest enlisting a campervan or rental vehicle and making this an Oahu self-drive schedule. That way you'll have the option to find a good pace the island's lesser-known pearls. You can likewise take as much time as is needed.

Truth be told, take as much time as is needed constantly—there's such a great amount to do here that you could undoubtedly go through months investigating. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you've just got two weeks in Oahu, at that point this schedule will assist you with marking off the best features. I've peppered it with valuable travel tips that will assist you with making the most out of your experience.

Substance appear

Days 1-3: Top Things to Do in Waikiki

You presumably need to begin your Oahu experience in Waikiki. It's the most cosmopolitan piece of the island and the ideal spot for an introduction to Hawaii for your 14 days in Oahu.

Universal explorers, honeymooners, sea shore sweethearts and hard core partiers the same accumulate in groups here in light of the fact that Waikiki is home to a large number of the island's most popular locales and attractions. Make a point to check these must do's off your Oahu travel schedule.

Hit the Diamond Head Trail

The Diamond Head trail on Oahu's South Shore is the island's most famous climb. That is on the grounds that the 1.5-mile full circle climb, which summits on a volcanic cone, drives you on a joyful path across free rock and soil ways. At that point it kicks you in the gut with some lofty arrangements of stairs 560 feet up to the top.

When you recover your breath, it'll be removed again by the stunning 360-degree sees out over Waikiki. You can see everything—transcending tall structures, the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the spring of gushing lava's antiquated pit that shaped 300,000 years prior.

The Diamond Head climb time is somewhere in the range of 40 and an hour. It's viewed as simple and safe for youthful climbers, the brilliant matured and everybody in the middle of, so there's no reason to not find a workable pace it a proceed to have a slam at it.

Climb to the Manoa Falls Waterfall

Since the Manoa Falls cascade is Oahu's most available cascade, the Manoa Falls trail is a bustling one.

Dawn is apparently the best time of day in Oahu, and in the event that you need this pearl all to yourself, I suggest an early morning rise. Nothing ruins a lovely area like a hundred different travelers.

A 1.6-mile trip up and back, the path takes you through thick bamboo and thick eucalyptus woodlands, and across rock ways and promenades before arriving before Manoa Falls.

The cascade isn't the greatest one out there, however it does drastically course down 150 feet into a pool encompassed by plants and trees.

The sweet-smelling guava trees and wild gingers make the Manoa Falls trail much additionally charming. It's no big surprise the first Jurassic Park film and the TV arrangement, Lost, shot scenes here.

Surf at Waikiki Beach

This globally acclaimed, two-mile segment of shining white sand is the island's most well known sea shore and unquestionably merits a visit during your fourteen day excursion to Oahu.

Surfers at Waikiki

Surfs up at Waikiki

Encompassed by extravagant, world-class resorts, you'll never need to meander a long way from your room looking for the ideal wave. The water here is quiet, making it an extraordinary spot for fledglings to pursue some surf and paddleboard exercises.

On the off chance that you'd preferably individuals watch and make in the entirety of the move of Waikiki Beach from a far distance, meander along the close by Waikiki Beach Promenade.

Ensure you are on the sea shore at night to observe the dazzling sea shore nightfall. A Waikiki Beach day merits a spot on your Hawaii schedule for Oahu.

Fly Over Oahu in a Robinson R-44 Helicopter

In case you're a hotshot, or simply need to feel like one for a brief period, treat yourself to a helicopter ride with Novictor Helicopters. It's one of the most daring activities in Waikiki.

Wonder about the turquoise water and flickering white sand; zoom past Diamond Head's old pit and dash over to see Waikiki's horizon.

You'll all have two-way radio headsets so you can speak with your pilot about what you're seeing, and most visits will offer you proficient ethereal photography and videography to bring home.

Helicopter see in Oahu

Precious stone Head Oahu aeronautical shot

Precious stone Head from above

Climb the Pali Notches

This is a path for the rebels—prepared explorers and climbers as it were. The Pali Notches is a climb that comprises of two profound, thin mountain passes. These were cut into its edge by boss old Hawaiian warriors to put guns here during the 1700s to secure Nu'uanu Valley.

The climb is renowned for its trouble, so you'll procure full boasting rights for finishing it—particularly the subsequent score, which requires a vertical move down with hardly any tough handholds.

This short yet profoundly extraordinary path that expects you to climb across thin edges sandwiched between sheer bluff drops is thrilling—or unnerving, contingent upon your mentality.

Things get genuine quick, so don't be a blockhead and attempt this with blasting breezes, which can thump you directly off the bluff. Outfit yourself with a couple of strong climbing shoes that is got loads of grasp.

Pali Notches

Gazing in stunningness at Pali Notches.

On the off chance that you make it past the subsequent indent and onwards to the Chimney, wiped out perspectives over the blue waters of Kaneohe and its rich greenery will be hanging tight for you.

For an adrenaline-siphoning experience on your two weeks in Oahu, get out to the Pali Notches.

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Subsequent to testing in excess of 20 sacks this year, this one is our top choice. It's a painstakingly planned, all-rounder travel knapsack that works extraordinary for both urban travel and standard exploring. What's more, the best part is that it's estimated for carry-on as it were! Snap here to look at it.


Convenience Options in Waikiki, Oahu

In case you're searching for a spot to remain close or in the focal point of the activity in Oahu, minor advances from the sea shore and its nightlife, at that point Waikiki is it. Be that as it may, be cautioned, a stay right now the island doesn't come modest.

The property's rooms are cooled for those sweltering blistering summer days and outfitted with outfitted kitchens so you have the choice of sparing a couple of bucks by cooking at home. A gathering is held each Monday and visitors are urged to come blend with individual voyagers while crunching on free hors d'oeuvres.

Ocean side Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki – Best Budget Accommodation

This inn is a most loved among hikers who are sea shore bums by day and gathering goers around evening time, as it's situated in the core of Waikiki. The property is encompassed by shops and cafés, so you're ruined for decision. Shoreline Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki offers free espresso, tea and toast to begin your day away from work with, just as boogie sheets and snorkel apparatus to take to the sea shore. They additionally have modest surfboards for lease, in the event that surfing is on your Oahu schedule.

Water Ohia Waikiki – Best Mid-Range Accommodation

Water Ohia Waikiki is an easygoing four-minute stroll from the sea shore, so you'll never need to go far to heat in the sun

Moana Surfrider – Best Luxury Accommodation

Just advances from Waikiki Beach is the extravagance resort of Moana Surfrider . It has its own one of a kind private sea shore zone just as a freshwater pool. Eat at one of the numerous on location eateries for breakfast, lunch, evening tea or supper, and book yourself in for a spa or custom facial at their Moana Lani Spa.


Day 4: Hanauma Bay: Best Snorkeling in Oahu

For a large number of years, Hanauma Bay was the place Hawaiian sovereignty went to gathering and fish. This sickle molded cove was shaped inside a volcanic pit because of blasts countless years prior. "Hana" signifies cove, and "uma" signifies bended.

The volcanic ejections at last framed the cavity on the ocean bottom, and afterward the sea in the end filled the round narrows with water and life. That is the reason you'll discover probably the best swimming in Oahu here in Hanauma Bay, on the southeast bank of the island.

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The submerged wonderland is an ensured marine life preservation zone that flaunts vivid coral reefs, turtles and more than 400 types of fish, including Hawaii's state fish the humuhumunukunukuapua'a! ????

Besides, Hanauma Bay limits guests to save the region, and it concentrates its endeavors on teaching travelers on the regular natural life of the territory.

Hanauma Bay swimming is an absolute necessity on your Oahu schedule.

Day 5-6: Koko Head: One of the Best Hikes in Oahu

With miles of rough landscape and whole areas devoted to thick woods and lavish valleys, there's no deficiency of climbing trails in Oahu. There's something for everybody here.

Regardless of whether you're a fledgling climber who is somewhat of a habitually lazy person at home, or a prepared master hoping to pack in the same number of trails as you can on your two weeks in Oahu, you're probably going to discover one on this island that suits your capacities.

There's a warmed discussion among local people about which are the best climbs in Oahu. Be that as it may, the Koko Crater Trail best the rundown.

The Koko Crater Trail, otherwise called the Koko Head Stairs, is a characteristic Stairmaster exercise. It'll test your quality and continuance. The 1,048 stages to the top are really old railroad attaches that were mounted to the side of the volcanic cone. The military in World War II mounted them to pull supplies here and there.

These means are lopsided and practically twofold the width of an ordinary stair. This implies you will need to work twice as difficult to make it to the top. By and by, local people will disclose to you that the Koko Head trail makes for probably the best climb in Oahu.

It brags sees Hanauma Bay, Hawaii Kai and the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail. When you advance down the Koko Head climbing trail, you'll be soaked in sweat, and your legs will feel like Jell-O. After this, you best head off to a sea shore looking for a merited cold lager.

Day 7-8: Hop Around on the Best Beaches in Oahu

It would be absolutely inconsiderate to travel to Hawaii without investing bountiful measures of energy laying on its best sea shores. As an island, Oahu is (clearly) honored with unlimited miles of coastline, where the waters of the Pacific Ocean meet its delicate brilliant sands.

Plunge into your preferred read, hit the waves or simply float into sea shore bum heaven. You'll wish you had something beyond two days for sea shore time on your two weeks in Oahu, however there are such a large number of undertakings anticipating.

Visit Kailua Beach

Picture turquoise-blue water and fine white sand. At the point when individuals get some information about the best sea shores in Oahu, local people and ordinary guests the same consistently suggest Kailua Beach.

This 2.5-mile stretch on the easterly shores of the island has lovely waters for swimming and surfing, and taking off ironwood trees to give you some shade.

Downtown Kailua is additionally a simple five-minutes leave, so make a trip and get some plate snacks before hanging out for the evening on Kailua Beach.

This spot is particularly well known for boogie boarding and kayaking, with a great deal of rental shops around. What's more, Kailua Beach is the place you'll discover local people grilling until nightfall.

Look at Lanikai Beach

Fittingly named, "Lanikai" signifies "great ocean" in the Hawaiian language. Its completely clear, sky blue waters and delicate waves make this an ideal spot for swimming or flaunting your best submerged handstands.

With a large portion of a mile of brilliant sand, Lanikai sea shore is a most loved for dawn seeing—so pick a morning to drag yourself up right on time. You will love it; Lanikai is as often as possible positioned as probably the best sea shores in Oahu—and the world, as indicated by Forbes.

Settlement Options in Kailua

For supreme unwinding during your 14 days in Oahu, remain inside strolling separation of the island's best sea shores. You'll should simply wake up to the hints of the sea and drag yourself over the road before floundering onto the brilliant sands for the afternoon.

On the property is a grill for you to utilize, and a porch on which to appreciate the encompassing perspectives. You can likewise play tennis on location.

Heaven Palms B&B – Best Mid-Range Accommodation

Arranged in Kailua, this 5-star overnight boardinghouse is only a little ways from the sea shore. All rooms have a kitchenette, so you can appreciate home-prepared suppers on the porch. In case you're fortunate, you'll even score a live with mountain sees.

Kailua Guesthouse – Best Mid-Range Accommodation

A windy 10-minute stroll to the sea shore, Kailua Guesthouse additionally offers bikes for lease in the event that you'd preferably ride.


Day 9-10: Visit the Real-Life Jurassic Park

With unimaginably lavish valleys, rough mountains and dynamite coastlines, it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Hollywood holds returning to Oahu to film blockbusters. The island's shocking common excellence has put things in place for various motion pictures—most outstandingly Jurassic Park.

Different immortal top picks that were made on the island are Jumanji and Godzilla. Financial limit two or three days into your Oahu schedule to investigate the regular arrangements of these significant movies. Invest some energy shooting your own small amusement of the film — on the grounds that you can!

Meander the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

Highlighted in Jurassic World, the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens is a 400-section of land rainforest that the US Army Corps of Engineers intended for flood insurance. It opened its verdant entryways in 1982.

Sitting at the foot of the Koolau mountain run, this assortment of tropical trees speaks to nations from around the globe. This incorporates Malaysia, the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka, giving the nurseries a fascinating vibe.

Professional flowerbeds Oahu

Professional flowerbeds or Jurassic Park?

The open green spaces and lake loaded with ducks, geese and piglets are ideal for biking, outdoors, climbing and angling.

An evening at the professional flowerbeds makes for a chill expansion to your Oahu excursion agenda. It's likewise a pleasant break from all the climbing and sea shore time.

Go ATVing or Ziplining at Kualoa Ranch

The best Oahu schedule wouldn't be finished without a visit to Kualoa Ranch. It's an absolute necessity visit during your two weeks in Oahu for an extent of reasons.

For film buffs, venturing foot on this farm will hit you with an influx of sentimentality, from Godzilla to 50 First Dates. You'll see that fallen tree that was included in the first 1993 Jurassic Park, when three characters concealed under it to escape from hustling Gallimimus.

This family-possessed, 4000-section of land nature save expects to instruct guests on ecological protection, just as conventional Hawaiian qualities and regard for the way of life through economical entertainment.

Their concept of instructive enjoyment comprises of nature strolls, horseback riding, wilderness campaigns, ATVing and zip lining.

You'll investigate the picturesque valleys and remote corners of this working cows farm in the coolest of ways.

Force across streams and through the soil on one and two-hour guided ATV visits, or zip line over the treetops for astonishing perspectives on the thick rainforest (think: local widely varied vegetation) and great Koolau Range.

There are seven pair zip lines on this three-hour visit, extending long from 200 feet right to 1/4 mile, so as a component of your two weeks in Oahu, label a pal and race them across Kualoa Ranch.


At the point when you're voyaging, remember travel protection! It ensures you're shrouded if there should be an occurrence of health related crises, burglary, lost things, and that's just the beginning. This is one thing you totally ought not travel to Hawaii (or anyplace else, so far as that is concerned) without. All things considered, in the event that you can't bear the cost of movement protection, you can't stand to travel.

Day 10-14: Haleʻiwa: Four Days Uncovering North Shore Oahu

It's the ideal opportunity for a total difference in pace on your Oahu schedule. After the humming action of Waikiki, there are the laid-back networks of North Shore Oahu. They are focused on keeping life smooth, fella.

The North Shore is home to the Seven Mile Miracle. It's a (for some odd reason) seven-mile stretch of sand renowned for epic waves and sun-doused sea shores. This is the place Hawaii's surfing enchantment truly occurs.

You ought to likewise make a stop in the aesthetic surf town of Haleʻiwa. It sits up along the coast from Waikiki, on the opposite side of the island.

Spending four days of your two weeks in Oahu to reveal the North Shore.

Drive the Windward Coast from Kailua

Oahu's Windward Coast is the island's lushest district. As you abandon lively Waikiki and head northwest along the coast, you exchange groups of tall structures for green valleys and staggering common magnificence.

The hurrying around of city life will rapidly offer approach to increasingly laid back and loosened up vibes. It'll be perfect for the remainder of your two weeks in Oahu.

Travel right toward the North Shore, cruising past the elevated pinnacles of the Koolau Range. Additionally, make certain to make an appearance at Valley of the Temples. There, an imitation of a Japanese Buddhist sanctuary stands to commend the main Japanese outsiders to Hawaii.

Drive past the Kualoa Ranch and keep your eyes stripped for Chinaman's Hat. It's a minor island of Mokolii only seaward from Kualoa Point.

Take a Surf Lesson

In-your-face surfers love the Oahu North Shore. That is a direct result of the beast waves that move in during the wintertime, among November and April.

The goliath dashing waves here and there arrive at an astounding 30 feet and get surfers from around the globe. This makes way for global surfing rivalries from The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and The Eddie (in memory of surfer and lifeguard Eddie Aikau), to the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and the Da Hui Pipeline Warriors greeting just North Shore surf rivalries.

Banzai Pipeline

OK surf here?

In the mid year, the waves are progressively delicate. Apprentices can take surfing exercises without gambling shame or injury on the enormous rollers. It's a mint spot to figure out how to surf, away from the hordes of Waikiki. 

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